Friday, 20 March 2015

Work, Weekends and Women

Life so far…

So far this year has shot by; I really don’t know where the time has gone! It was only yesterday I was looking to embark on my third year and now that is drawing to close. However time flies when you are having fun, and that is what I have been having. Recently I have had a lads’ reunion with those who left the University last year, this weekend was mainly spent in an intoxicated state and neither by body nor my bank balance is thankful. Recently I have also been attending fund raisers within the University, worked tirelessly on both my degree and for the Enquiry Unit where I work as well as maintaining my ever developing and rigorous social life. Working part time with your studies really does help in so many aspects of life e.g. CV writing, experience, knowledge and an understanding of the working environment.  However it does add extra stress onto your degree as well and limit the amount of socialising one can possible have. For the immediate future I have varsity to partake in, I have to now find a full time job as well as finish the degree I am on. So for the moment I am an extremely busy individual.

The time of my life…

So this really is the end of the beginning for me, one chapter is drawing to a close and what a chapter it has been! I have changed jobs, met the most amazing people, played a huge part in the football society, took part on two University tours, done “take me out” at the student bar, have jumped in the pond, become accustomed to spending Wednesdays out playing football and then in the student bar, ate far too many takeaways and spent more money than one could count. And soon it’s time to say goodbye to a place that will always have a very special place in my heart and even more so, the people which I have gained long lasting relationships with. I won’t lie it will be hard, very hard for me to say goodbye, but all good things must one day come to an end. But not to worry before the end is nigh there will be some explosives, some more carnage and a huge goodbye to the place I call “home “

Future plans…

As stated above I have been trying to find work as much as possible for when I leave Uni, the main reason for this is so that I can get straight into the swing of things and look at moving out of my parents’ house and finding a place of my own, one that I will probably share with mates of mine. For the time being I am looking to move out by the summer, from then I can look forward to moving forward in life and getting to grips with becoming an adult.

Quote of the day

If you were a vegetable you’d be cutecumber, where if I were a fruit I’d be a fineapple”

Thursday, 15 January 2015


January is here which can only mean more studying, socialising and starting new friendships ;).  To start I have had a hectic last month, I have studied, worked many part-time hours, ate and drank copious amounts of unhealthy substances and even to many peoples surprise – I volunteered over the Christmas break and on Christmas day within a homeless shelter in Hackney.

Beer, Brighton and Babes
Like normal the festive period has been full of enjoyable and memorable (ish) experiences. I will start firstly with the Christmas meal that we had within our office. For anyone that doesn’t know I work within the Enquiry Unit at the university. This involves working on phones, using the live chat facility, working at open days and flirting! Anyway, the Christmas meal set the tone for the rest of the period that would be filled with food and alcohol. During the period I volunteered with the homeless, played a lot of table tennis, went to Brighton, went to London, visited winter wonderland and now after all this madness I am proud to back in the place I call home. SPARROWS!  Believe It or not I now work there! The place where hearts are broken, standards are lowered and dreams are made.

Onwards and upwards!
Now it is time for work, work and beer! I am about to go into 3 months of hibernation with the amount of work and studying that I still have to do.  I have always been one to leave it until the very last minute and scrape it. However I am doing my best to change this and set in motion a plan that will at least see me leave this university with a second class degree, with a first class experience.

Best yet!
A large part of the festive period was spent volunteering with the Homeless at a centre in Hackney with a charity called Crisis.  This is something that I have wanted to do for a number of years and it is something that I always thought would be worthwhile seeing as Christmas is so commercial and money focused. In light of that I wanted to do something that gave something back and wasn’t just money orientated.

Anyway I had the most amazing, humbling and worthwhile experience that I have ever had. It was a true eye opener into the lives of others and how often we take for granted the simple everyday pleasures that others may never have access to. The amount of love and compassion between all guests and volunteers was something truly special, and until I have a family of my own I cannot see myself spending my Christmas anywhere else.  Please visit this link and look into the great work that Crisis do:

I will leave you with this quote below that is heard in the student bar many times:

                           “ ohhhhh dam Josh just stole my girl again”

Friday, 7 November 2014

Beginning of another year!!!

This is ME: ...>>>>>>>>

Right, first things first I am the realist! 'Ohhhh  KILL EMMM! YEAR 3'

So I am new to this and have never really blogged before so here goes! I am currently doing my third year and trying my hardest to settle back in to actually doing work and not just going out!

Every year the university begins with my favourite holiday period..... FRESHERS! This is probably one of my favourite times of the year. This is not only because there is lots going on within the various Student Union outlets, but also because it signals the start of another year at University and the start of the football season. 

Over the last three years I have been to Sparrows (the student bar) over 170 times so I would definitely say it’s worth every penny!  I can honestly say to all those prospective students who may read this that University is the best decision I have ever made and the friends and experiences that I have had will last forever.  Within the first month back at Uni I have had fresher’s week, the fresher’s ball, football trials and our famous; initiations. I have been part of the Mens' Football team since I started the university and it has provided me with endless enjoyment both on and off the football pitch. 

So here I am at the start of yet another year at the “Hill of Dreams” and like normal I’m buzzing.

On a more serious note, third year lectures, assignments and hard work has begun.  I am not normally one to get things done straight away, I normally wait as long as possible then decide to spend hours, days and even nights in the library finishing what should have been started months ago! However now I am in my third year I think it’s time that I start my work early! I have viewed the course documents and have seen that I have around 20,000 plus words to be done and completed by March. So reflecting on this discovery, I think starting early to be a wise choice. 

I will try my hardest to update this blog as often as possible and keep you all in the loop of my crazy and ever developing life and maybe just maybe one day I will be blogging about the degree I have and the time I have had! For now I will leave with a quote that I think we could all relate to ;).

Josh's quote: “You can catch many flies with honey…But you’ll catch more honeys being fly”