Friday, 7 November 2014

Beginning of another year!!!

This is ME: ...>>>>>>>>

Right, first things first I am the realist! 'Ohhhh  KILL EMMM! YEAR 3'

So I am new to this and have never really blogged before so here goes! I am currently doing my third year and trying my hardest to settle back in to actually doing work and not just going out!

Every year the university begins with my favourite holiday period..... FRESHERS! This is probably one of my favourite times of the year. This is not only because there is lots going on within the various Student Union outlets, but also because it signals the start of another year at University and the start of the football season. 

Over the last three years I have been to Sparrows (the student bar) over 170 times so I would definitely say it’s worth every penny!  I can honestly say to all those prospective students who may read this that University is the best decision I have ever made and the friends and experiences that I have had will last forever.  Within the first month back at Uni I have had fresher’s week, the fresher’s ball, football trials and our famous; initiations. I have been part of the Mens' Football team since I started the university and it has provided me with endless enjoyment both on and off the football pitch. 

So here I am at the start of yet another year at the “Hill of Dreams” and like normal I’m buzzing.

On a more serious note, third year lectures, assignments and hard work has begun.  I am not normally one to get things done straight away, I normally wait as long as possible then decide to spend hours, days and even nights in the library finishing what should have been started months ago! However now I am in my third year I think it’s time that I start my work early! I have viewed the course documents and have seen that I have around 20,000 plus words to be done and completed by March. So reflecting on this discovery, I think starting early to be a wise choice. 

I will try my hardest to update this blog as often as possible and keep you all in the loop of my crazy and ever developing life and maybe just maybe one day I will be blogging about the degree I have and the time I have had! For now I will leave with a quote that I think we could all relate to ;).

Josh's quote: “You can catch many flies with honey…But you’ll catch more honeys being fly” 

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