Thursday, 15 January 2015


January is here which can only mean more studying, socialising and starting new friendships ;).  To start I have had a hectic last month, I have studied, worked many part-time hours, ate and drank copious amounts of unhealthy substances and even to many peoples surprise – I volunteered over the Christmas break and on Christmas day within a homeless shelter in Hackney.

Beer, Brighton and Babes
Like normal the festive period has been full of enjoyable and memorable (ish) experiences. I will start firstly with the Christmas meal that we had within our office. For anyone that doesn’t know I work within the Enquiry Unit at the university. This involves working on phones, using the live chat facility, working at open days and flirting! Anyway, the Christmas meal set the tone for the rest of the period that would be filled with food and alcohol. During the period I volunteered with the homeless, played a lot of table tennis, went to Brighton, went to London, visited winter wonderland and now after all this madness I am proud to back in the place I call home. SPARROWS!  Believe It or not I now work there! The place where hearts are broken, standards are lowered and dreams are made.

Onwards and upwards!
Now it is time for work, work and beer! I am about to go into 3 months of hibernation with the amount of work and studying that I still have to do.  I have always been one to leave it until the very last minute and scrape it. However I am doing my best to change this and set in motion a plan that will at least see me leave this university with a second class degree, with a first class experience.

Best yet!
A large part of the festive period was spent volunteering with the Homeless at a centre in Hackney with a charity called Crisis.  This is something that I have wanted to do for a number of years and it is something that I always thought would be worthwhile seeing as Christmas is so commercial and money focused. In light of that I wanted to do something that gave something back and wasn’t just money orientated.

Anyway I had the most amazing, humbling and worthwhile experience that I have ever had. It was a true eye opener into the lives of others and how often we take for granted the simple everyday pleasures that others may never have access to. The amount of love and compassion between all guests and volunteers was something truly special, and until I have a family of my own I cannot see myself spending my Christmas anywhere else.  Please visit this link and look into the great work that Crisis do:

I will leave you with this quote below that is heard in the student bar many times:

                           “ ohhhhh dam Josh just stole my girl again”

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